Understand How to Manage Windows 10 by Passing Microsoft MD-100 Exam and Don’t Forget to Take Practice Tests

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KacaTeknologi.com / How to Manage Windows 10 by Passing Microsoft MD-100 Exam – The Microsoft administrators ordinarily deal with a huge amount of operations and information. They need to have extensive skills in order to deploy and manage different apps and devices to ensure that the processes of an enterprise are running properly. These specialists often need to have familiarity with Windows 10 and be able to work also in non-Windows environments proficiently. AZ-104 If you are looking to get a job in such a position, you would be better placed to get the job and perform efficiently if you first earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.

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Earning this credential will prove that you have the skills and ability that meet all the needs of modern business. It requires that you complete two exams to obtain it. The first test is Microsoft MD-100, Author: Enos R while the second one is Microsoft MD-101. In this post, we will discuss what the MD-100 exam entails. Keep reading to discover itskey points and training options.

Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10

How to Manage Windows 10 by Passing Microsoft MD-100 Exam

Microsoft MD-100 is an exam intended for thedesktop support specialists as well as junior systems administrators. Spring It has been created by Microsoft to evaluate the mastery of the candidates in various domains. To obtain the passing score in this test, you need to have the following skills and knowledge:

  • Understand how to manage and deploy Windows 10 and also be able to accomplish the required configuration processes needed after installation;
  • Configure networking and remote connectivity;
  • Configure and manage various devices and data connected to the local users and groups, ensuring data protectionas well as providing the highest possible level of Windows security;
  • Author: Hubert Z
  • Use Windows technology to monitor devices and manage updates in order to configure the systems of an enterprise and ensure data recovery.

You need to develop all the above-mentioned skills to succeed in the MD-100 test. Even if you have a limited time, you will need to grasp all these topics. You can learn them through instructor-led courses online or in a traditional classroom setting. If you don’t have the needed time for the instructor-led training or you don’t have the money to spend on such an undertaking, you can use books, exam dumps, video tutorials, and practice tests to make your study process a self-paced one.

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The secret tool to use to pass Microsoft MD-100 is practice tests. They are the best option for self-evaluation. Evaluating yourself is the most important step that every applicant preparing for any exam needs in the end. Author: AZ-304 It helps you find out all the areas where you still lack enough knowledge. Practice more and more so you can get better at answering questions with precision. It also enables you to learn how to manage your time in an exam environment.


Do you want to apply for a position, which needs the skills and knowledge listed under what the Microsoft MS-100 exam evaluates? 15 Nov,2020 Then you should start planning how to take this certification test. If you pass this examalong with another required test, you will get the credential that will open a lot of doors for you.

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