Top-Rated Solitaire Games for IOS Users – There’s only one way to kill your leisure time but still actively engage your brain while doing it. That is through Solitaire! This game puts you into a state of calmness, allowing your mind to focus on something worthwhile. And as you continuously deal with cards and numbers, you stimulate the cognitive activity of your brain to keep you smarter. So, don’t lose that interest as we uncover the top-rated Solitaire games that will surely put your minds in action. Let this be a quick guide in choosing the best Solitaire card games for iOS users.

Solitaire Masters by Monster Brain Studios Limited

This freegame will surely get you hooked as it features a classic Solitaire with a bit of modernized touch personally designed for you. Thus, Solitaire Masters is richly-filled with colorful animations and beautiful graphics, giving it a sophisticated presentation. It also offers mini-games for free prizes as well as hourly and daily bonuses. With such an app, you can take your skills to the next level by playing tournaments and one-on-one challenges against other players worldwide and not just the computer-generated matches. The best thing about this game is that you can sync your progress and play across all of your devices.

Solitaire by MobilityWare

Rated with almost five magnificent stars out of a million ratings in the Apple App Store, this app is among the best Solitaire online games ever produced. With more than a decade in the market, MobilityWare never runs out of new and exciting features that always attract its users’ interests. Besides the smoothness of its technicalities, it has a customization feature that allows you to change your background, card faces, and card backs, depending on what you like. In addition to all these, you can send adorable reaction stickers to your friends through iMessage. So, if you are among those competitive challengers, you can monitor the leaderboard and statistics to beat your high score or stack up against other players.

Solitaire by Essential Classic Card Game

Play Solitaire with a more relaxing interface through the Essential Classic Card Game. The beautiful and modern display of this app is pleasing to the interests of its users. Like all the other free Solitaire apps mentioned above, this particular onealso allows you to customize your game depending on your own preferences. There are also helpful features provided to give you a smoother and more efficient challenge during your gameplay.

Solitaire by Zynga Inc.

Another top-rated classic Solitaire found online is the one offered by Zynga Inc. It highlights simple gameplay that provides an unlimited undo option to correct your mistakes and click on hints for some help. To know more, new game modes such as daily challenges, special events, and easy-to-play options are available for fun and unforgettable game experience.


Instead of idling your time away with random games, you can actually enhance your mental skills with this sharpening game known as Solitaire. However, it is not just a game of luck, but a logic-based pastime that keeps your mental skills alert and sharp at any age. Make sure to download the best options that we have recommended above and keep in mind that this game can get you addicted and keep you on your toes!

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