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5 Growing Technologies That Will Change Mental Health Treatment

KacaTeknologi.com – Mental health is one of the most important topics in today’s day and age, more so now than ever due to the increase of developing technologies. Modern technology is impacting the way a person carries on in their day-to-day life. Byproducts of this modern technology, such as applications, can have implications in a person’s daily life.

5 Tech Innovations That Will Change Mental Health Treatment

5 Growing Technologies That Will Change Mental Health Treatment

Social media, for example, has often been touted as the end of social interactions between people in person and even been linked to mental health changes in some people. However, there are five growing technologies that are poised to change mental health treatment for the better in the near future. Let’s dive in:

1. Telehealth Based Applications

In the last few years, telehealth has slowly emerged as a new spin on the health industry. Telehealth is entirely virtual in some cases and allows patients to connect with medical professionals across a variety of fields. This can range from general health to mental health specifically, including sites like Mind Diagnostics

Essentially, a person can log on to these applications or websites and connect with a licensed professional who may be able to help them work through whatever situation they are facing in the current moment. 

2. Meditation Applications

There are apps dedicated solely for meditation such as Calm or Headspace. These applications allow a user to walk through guided meditations and breathing exercises that are effective strategies for reducing stress and anxiety. Through using these applications, anybody can learn how to improve their mental health and overall well being.

3. Excercise Applications

5 Tech Innovations That Will Change Mental Health Treatment

One often-overlooked method of improving one’s mental health is in regard to exercise. While the extent of the link between physical and mental health is still being studied, exercise applications that walk users through guided exercises and strength-training movements have been released.

By using these applications, a person can remind themselves to work out daily which can have strong beneficial impacts on mental health. When a person works out, their endorphins and serotonin kick in and can make them feel both physically and mentally better. By using these apps to one’s advantage, anybody can take the first few steps towards improving their mental health. 

4. Symptom-Specific Matching Technology

Nowadays, technology is getting better and better at predicting potential health concerns or issues that a person may have. Using this new technology to one’s advantage, a person can take quizzes and tests online through therapy or medical websites that are geared towards determining whether a person is at risk for a certain health related condition. 

Should someone be at an increased risk of a condition, it can be a huge advantage to catch the symptoms earlier, rather than later. Keep in mind, however, that an official diagnosis can only be made by a licensed professional and not a computer. 

5. Mood Improving Apps

Finally, similar to meditation apps, applications based entirely on mood recognition and the improvement of a person’s mood are greatly beneficial to mental health. Many of these apps have users take part in breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises that are focused on helping a person identify their particular mood and what they can do in order to better their mood. 

There are a slew of these applications on the Internet, and using them can help a person turn their mental health around for the better. With that said, it’s always best to see a licensed professional for mental health concerns, rather than relying on applications. 


The above technologies have the potential to change mental health treatment for the better like never before. Making use of these technologies, mental health professionals can improve treatment plans and help patients create a more positive mindset in their day-to-day life.

Those are technologies that will change mental health treatment, we hope this information is helpful for you 🙂

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