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The Ways in Which Technology Can Impact Mental Health – As technology continues to advance it will impact every industry around the world. One industry in particular where technology is beginning to have a great impact in the healthcare industry. Most people focus on the aspects of technology that have a direct impact on a person’s health, such as devices that scan the body or database tools that make managing patients easier. 

However, one majorly overlooked way technology is changing the healthcare industry is in regard to mental health treatment. There are a number of prominent ways by which technology is improving the treatment of mental health challenges and identifying these ways can help a person predict how healthcare may evolve in the following years. Let’s dive in:

How Does Technology Affect Our Mental Health Positively

The Ways in Which Technology Can Impact Mental Health

1. Smartphone Apps Helping Ease Stress and Anxiety

Without a doubt, one of the most prominent ways in which technology is impacting mental health is through the release of mental health-focused applications. Apps like Headspace, Calm, and more are meditation and mindfulness apps that feature guided exercises users can follow to cultivate a more positive mindset. 

By using these apps on a daily basis, it’s possible for a person to start their day with a positive mindset which can have a great benefit on a person’s overall mental health.

2. Telehealth Websites

How Does Technology Affect Our Mental Health Positively

Additionally, telehealth websites have become more and more popular over the years and serve as a reliable alternative to in-person treatment in some ways. Telehealth is almost entirely virtual and allows a patient to virtually connect with a licensed healthcare provider from anywhere in the world. 

This has allowed therapeutic services and general health information to become more widely available. Take the following site as an example:

Mind Diagnostics is a telehealth page that features anxiety tests and other forms of tests for those who are curious as to if there is a mental health issue they need to address. These sites have transformed how healthcare is provided and are sure to continue changing the health industry.

3. Internet-based Support Groups

Prior to the Internet, the only way to connect with new people was to head into public and find someone who had something in common with you. For support groups, this meant gathering at a location with those in common situations and discussing related topics. 

Nowadays, however, there are virtual support groups for those who need to discuss with their peers. This ease of access to support groups due to a lack of traveling means that more people can potentially attend these groups and find people who are in common situations. 

4. Increased Access to Healthcare

As a whole, the increase of technology has allowed greater access to healthcare for all. While this is still a growing process, more people have access to doctors, therapists, and other professionals than ever before. By using the 24/7 access to healthcare that the modern age provides, more people can begin to increase their health. 

5. Virtual Reality Simulations

Finally, virtual reality simulations are being developed as a method to expose individuals to stimuli that may trigger anxiety, stress, or other unwanted feelings. By allowing this exposure in a safe place, a person can slowly work towards facing that stimulus in the real world. 

With this preparation, anybody can learn how to tackle the obstacles that may be having a negative effect on their mental health. 


Regardless of how you look at it, technology is changing the world at an increasingly rapid pace. There is no sure way of predicting how this will impact the world and various industries in the long run. With that in mind, it seems that healthcare is evolving into a more accessible form that can allow people to seek the treatment they need.

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